I participated in my first Whole30 with Ellie in January 2021. I appreciated her coaching through both the program and reintroduction phases. With multiple food allergies, Ellie took the time to reach out to me and discuss what reintroduction could look like for me, as I wasn’t the typical Whole30 participant. Her daily posts and encouragement were greatly appreciated, especially when things got tough. I highly recommend working with her if you have the opportunity!


I was a client in Ellie’s February Whole30. It is an amazing program! It is not easy but the results are worth the effort. Ellie coaches and encourages you daily. She also teaches you some really great things about health and nutrition. It is not your typical diet that focuses on weight loss. It focuses on a healthy relationship with food. My losing 15 pounds was just an added bonus! If you are considering this program, I would highly recommend hiring Ellie to be your coach.


I was part of Ellie’s February Whole30 group. She did an awesome job making Whole30 something that we could all follow along. From daily conversations, to helpful shopping tips, delicious recipe shares and a step-by-step reintroduction guide; Ellie gave us every tool you could need to have not only a successful Whole30, but also help you understand WHY. Overall I would definitely recommend Ellie as a coach for anyone who thinks Whole30 might be their next step.


I participated in a Whole30 food reset program with Ellie. I had never heard of it before joining her February group. I found it very helpful and enlightening. I definitely recommend checking it out. The meal planning and grocery shopping guides and tips were great!!


I thoroughly enjoyed your program. Ellie, you married yourself to this program and gave 100% commitment to each of us. The preparation for program and getting everyone ready was spot on! 


Whole30 provided a helpful structure for exploring how food groups affected my body and mood. I was surprised to find that added sugars–not dairy or gluten–were contributing significantly to my headaches and energy crashes. I might never have discovered this without Ellie’s guidance.